Mister Groove

A good funeral, to quote Tony Walter, Emeritus Professor of Death Studies at the University of Bath, should be “intensely and creatively personal; it should involve as many of the mourners as possible, cherish the individual who died and weave together the survivors in bonds of love.”  Mike’s definitely fitted that description. A husband and father as … Continue Reading

In Memory of Bill Purves

What do we mean when we say someone’s a character? It’s a word with many nuances, but I can think of no-one about whom it is more appropriate than my neighbour of twenty years, Bill Purves.  I live in a mews and when I first moved here twenty years ago, there were still two working … Continue Reading

A celebration of the life of Nan Donald 1933 – 2014

At Jewish funerals, the traditional greeting to mourners is “I wish you a long life”. I can see where they’re coming from, but a long life is not always a blessing.Here in Britain, one in five 80 year olds already suffers from dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society has just published a report which suggests that if current trends continue, we … Continue Reading