A celebration of the life of Dr. Gilbert Forsyth

One of the joys of my work is the relationship that comes from working with families over time.  Our meetings may well take place in different places, but whether it’s the naming of a child, a marriage, or a funeral, we are always talking about the same subject: the importance of love in our lives. […]

Hatches, Matches and Dispatches

I’m a big fan of Get It On, the nightly request show on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Bryan Burnett and a rolling team of producer co-hosts. They do some great themes, and tonight’s was a belter: A few days ago, they were talking about doing a theme on music for funerals, so I sent him a […]

Catherine and Alastair’s Humanist Wedding at The Scottish Cafe at The National Galleries of Scotland

  Catherine and Alastair’s story proves that distance is no obstacle to romance.        They fell in love even before they met in person for the first time, when Catherine flew over from Quebec, and Alastair gave her a whirlwind tour that took in gigs and ceilidhs, family meetings and the very special Isle of […]

Claire & Gareth’s Humanist Wedding at The Thomas Morton Hall in Leith

  People find all sorts of ways to fall in love, but Gareth and Claire were the first couple I’ve married who got together while running. Along with Gareth’s dad and other friends from Inverness, they were part of the infamous “Tuesday Night Running Club” where Claire got her nickname ‘Coach McGeary’. Their wedding was […]