The Importance of Being Earnest

My old friend Giles just stumbled across his Marriage Certificate while tidying up some old paperwork. We met when we were both working in advertising and I’m pretty sure that when he and Nicki got married back in 2003, he was a Group Account Director at the hip Leith Agency. The one thing I am 100% sure he wasn’t was […]

Hell on Heels

I’ve written before about the perils of outdoor weddings for wearers of high heels, but here’s an even better idea from Alan and Andrew, whose brilliant wedding I conducted yesterday at Archerfield’s Marine Villa.Don’t just advise your guests to get heel protectors: buy some on their behalf, and give them away on the day!

You want a physicist to speak at your funeral.

Many humanists are scientists, by inclination if not actual training, and I noticed today a new summation of what humanists believe that places emphasis on ‘science and reason’. As someone who failed physics ‘O’ Level and had a chemistry essay published in his school magazine as an example of ‘humorous writing’, you may already have […]

Robert and Stuart are getting married!

I love to receive wedding invitations, and I felt I had to share this one from Robert and Stuart because it’s beautiful, funny and imaginative. Stuart and Robert met just over 40 years ago, and they’re very widely travelled gentlemen. So are their guests, and their designer Marianne Lethbridge reflected their love of travel in […]

Beat butter and sugar until soft and creamy…

A witness to the first air raid of WWII, a proud ‘Pelican’ and a president of the Inner Wheel, Audrey had a long and rich life as a nurse, wife, mother and grandmother. ‘An inveterate blether’, as she was affectionately described by her loving husband Norman, Audrey had a gift for friendship, and wrote thousands of Christmas, birthday and other […]