Tune in, turn on

My old friend and colleague Chris Miller is a splendid fellow, who strains every sinew to make commercial radio listenable. He wrote this little gem on the subject of weddings, and as it made me laugh out loud, I hope it will have the same effect on you.

Let’s Talk About Death, Baby

I know, this is meant to be a blog about weddings, but I just had to share this brilliant piece by a physicist called Aaron Freeman that was sent to me today by Joanne & Colin, who I’m looking forward to marrying next June at Keavil House. It was posted on a Facebook group you may or […]

The Love Connection

James and Paula just came round for their rehearsal. I was sure they’d told me it would just be the two of them, but when I opened the door, I met not just Paula’s mum, who’s going to give her away, but Jeni and Rune, who I married to the sound of thunder on the […]