Yvonne and Andrew, you’re making me blush…

I first met Andy and Yvonne last October, and over the intervening months, they’ve had a lot of fun doing their homework.

When they sent me their ceremony today, they included a surprise ending, which I’ve printed below. I don’t know why it should be any less embarrassing for me to post this on my blog than it would be to read it out on the day, but it is*, and I am deeply touched.

As soon as we met you we knew you were the perfect guy to marry us. You are full of fun, with a good sense of humour, but with a serious side, and a strong belief in Humanism. 

We love what you stand for, your commitment to the strengths of humankind and how you explained about Humanism and what it really meant. We loved the fact that you made us do our homework (not really done since High School) so that we could take the time to really understand what getting married and saying our vows meant. 

We love the way you read and liked our stories and the way you wanted us more than merely to stand in front of everyone and say our vows. You listened to us and you let us write our own ceremony. With you we had the perfect harmony of belief and freedom. 

For this, we thank you from our hearts.

*I’ve worked it out: you can’t see me blushing over the net… Thanks Yvonne & Andrew. Not long now!

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