Hatches, Matches and Dispatches

I’m a big fan of Get It On, the nightly request show on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Bryan Burnett and a rolling team of producer co-hosts. They do some great themes, and tonight’s was a belter: A few days ago, they were talking about doing a theme on music for funerals, so I sent him a … Continue Reading

In Memory of Bill Purves

What do we mean when we say someone’s a character? It’s a word with many nuances, but I can think of no-one about whom it is more appropriate than my neighbour of twenty years, Bill Purves.  I live in a mews and when I first moved here twenty years ago, there were still two working … Continue Reading

Laura and Graham’s Humanist Wedding at Orocco Pier

    Laura (14) met Graham (15) while on holiday with their parents in Estartit, in Spain.      Graham thought Laura had the fuzziest hair he’d ever seen, and a very beautiful smile. Laura was wearing braces at the time, which made her very self-conscious, so she spent most of her time hiding her beautiful smile behind her hands.   … Continue Reading