Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

I was up early today. 5.45 to be precise, because I was off to Blackford Hill to conduct a wedding for Carrie and Raj, in front of around seventy friends. 

It was very moving, not least because when I was talking about why we were all there on that hilltop, I remembered it was because Carrie’s friend Louise had married Stuart on top of Ben Vorlich, back in December 2012.

The weather was a bit different then. Deep snow, and wind chill factor of minus 15 degrees meant that Stu couldn’t actually put the ring on Louise’s finger because her hands had swollen so much in the cold!

And then I remembered that Stu and Lou had got in touch because they’d seen a story about Jo and Rob’s wedding on Buachaille Etive Mhor the previous year. 

That was pretty special because they were mountaineers, and they’d climbed all the way to the summit with their best man and bridesmaid.

As part of their ceremony, they chose to do a hand fasting, which of course they did with the rope they’d used to climb the hill. It was pretty cool, because they really know how important it is to tie the knot correctly!

I like the idea that every ceremony I do is connected to another, in some way. I wonder who’ll next ask me to climb a mountain on account of this?

You know how to find me…

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