Kirsty and Rob’s Humanist Wedding at West on the Green

  Its great when couples really embrace the freedom of expression that a humanist wedding offers. Robert and Kirsty totally got that idea, and I loved the way they told their story at their winter wedding at West on the Green.      “When Robert and Kirsty met, it quickly became clear that Robert had – and continues to have … Continue Reading

Humanism in Pastoral Care

I was very pleased to see this story in today’s Guardian. It’s taken a lot of campaigning to allow humanists to be part of chaplaincy teams of any kind, so this is something to celebrate. I am more than a little confused however, by the related article from Andrew Brown in Comment is Free  Humanism is increasingly the … Continue Reading

Speaking your vows

Speaking your wedding vows that you have thought about for so long, and written in your own words, is perhaps the ultimate expression of your love. It’s what humanists in Scotland campaigned for more than twenty years to allow you to do, and they are the perfect expression of what your wedding is all about, … Continue Reading