Allana and David’s Humanist Wedding at The Vu

I had a lovely surprise when I bumped into David and Allana, whose wedding I conducted at The Vu back in November 2015. They were guests at Serena and Gary’s wedding at Carlowrie Castle last weekend, and it turns out that it was their wedding that made Gary and Serena decide to work with me…

I remember Allana and David’s ceremony well. Being November, the weather up on the Bathgate Hills was atrocious: foggy, rainy, you name it. Everything you’d think that would put a dampener on a wedding, but not this one…

You can actually see the rain on the windows in the background of this shot, by Roy Wilson, but David and Allana’s cloud had a silver lining.

Later that evening, Roy persuaded them to brave the storm, and he got this truly stunning shot! It’s such a cracker, the VU actually asked to use it for their promotional material!

After speaking their vows and signing the Marriage Schedule, Allana and David chose to have a hand fasting, using material from David’s kilt and Allana’s dress to symbolise the importance of the day, and they invited their mothers to use it to ‘tie the knot’.

When they sent me these photos, they said, “The ceremony was so special to us as it was our own way of expressing our life together. A lot of our guests knew the basis to the story and it was lovely to share it and see their responses to the parts they were unfamiliar with. 

We had been together 10 years and had a lot of stories to tell, so who better to tell them than us!”

I think the phrase is “Nobody does it better”, Allana and David. Thanks again for getting in touch and for sending me these sensational shots!

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