Lenny Loves Music

It’s always good to have live music during your wedding, but no party is complete without a great DJ. May I introduce Lenny Love, aka Doctor Love, aka, the Love God, aka Dino Martini from Scotland’s favourite club, Vegas. Lenny’s career in the music industry has been long and illustrious. A former A&R man at Island Records, … Continue Reading

Good Without God

When the Pope’s visit was announced some time ago, the HSS debated long and hard about how we should respond, and eventually decided that while we agree with all the arguments put forward by the Protest the Pope campaign, because of where we live and Scotland’s sectarian history, we’d have to do something different. So … Continue Reading

Let Me Choose

I’ve been a bit busy this week; not so much with ceremonies as with my volunteer job as Media Officer for the HSS. It’s taken us quite a while to get round to campaigning again, but as luck would have it we have not one but two new campaigns – Let Me Choose being the … Continue Reading