Adele & Paul’s Humanist Wedding at Dalhousie Castle

Messages like this one  from Adele and Paul just remind me how fortunate I am to be doing what I do.

Words cannot express how happy we were with the ceremony and all the guests were very complimentary.  One is a regular churchgoer (of the Catholic persuasion), and she was just blown away with how open, honest and personal the ceremony was and said she wished Christian weddings were the same. 

My Dad even mentioned it in his speech (which I suspect he made up on the spot!)  The overall consensus was that no one had enjoyed a wedding so much; they were kept engaged the whole time and enjoyed hearing our story.  

In true patriarchal fashion I think they all thought you wrote the ceremony and they were surprised that we scripted the whole thing.  That is what made it so special for us.  We were the drivers, rather than the passengers.  We love your methods and are grateful for the ceremonies others were willing to share that helped us devise our own.  Of course we wouldn’t and couldn’t have written such a great ceremony without your guidance and are happy we found you.  

As I was to meet you too, Adele & Paul – thank you again!

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