Willie The Wizard

Willie the Wizard, Indian Willie, One Match Willie, Oor Willie – whatever you called him, there is no doubt that Willie Taylor was an unforgettable character.  At first glance, he was a bit like a tiny,  Edinburgh version of Lemmy from Motorhead, so it seems a appropriate that his main interests in life were music and motorcycles.  I […]

Kirsty and Dean’s Humanist Wedding at The Strawberry Barn, Dunbar

    Kirsty and Dean were very nearly childhood sweethearts. They went to the same primary and secondary schools, but it wasn’t until 5th year that Dean finally made it onto Kirsty’s radar when they bonded over their shared love of music.    Their paths diverged for a while. Kirsty moved to Stirling to study Criminology and Law, while Dean stayed at […]

The C Word

  Humanist Chaplain? Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron, but just as there are atheists in foxholes, there are humanists in chaplaincy, and their number is growing.    By contrast in Edinburgh, there’s no Humanist Chaplain (I wrote this back in 2013, when I was still only a ‘belief contact’) although there is a large and […]