Kirsty and Dean’s Humanist Wedding at The Strawberry Barn, Dunbar



Kirsty and Dean were very nearly childhood sweethearts. They went to the same primary and secondary schools, but it wasn’t until 5th year that Dean finally made it onto Kirsty’s radar when they bonded over their shared love of music. 

Dean was always buying the latest CDs from bands like the View, Pigeon Detectives, and Maximo Park, and he would always make a copy for
Kirsty (who was far too busy spending her money on new outfits for parties!)

Once they met in ‘the Doctor’s Lane”
behind her house where Dean gave her no fewer than five different CDs: it must have taken him ages to copy them. Kirsty thanked him with a Toffee Crisp…
Their paths diverged for a while. Kirsty moved to Stirling to study Criminology
and Law, while Dean stayed at home watching the OC and “helping his Gran”.  
Then Dean got accepted onto the Nursing course at the same University, so they saw a lot of each other. They even bought a car together, Clint the Clio, which Kirsty spectacularly wrote off one misty morning. 
Their story encompassed many more quirky details: going to Rockness and back on the same day; the institution that has become  

Matthew McConaughey Thursdays, and perhaps best of all, Kirsty’s reaction to becoming engaged, when she involuntarily threw the ring across the room!

I think that every one of their guests could tell that Kirsty and Dean are made for each other, and the ceremony was both very touching and great fun.


Their friend Robyn read some of their favourite song lyrics
And then, after some Guest Vows, Dean and Kirsty made their own promises to one another.


These really are great photos by Derek Christie. Not only do they capture the mood of the day, but Derek has done something very clever by opening up the aperture of his camera as wide as it could go.
The Strawberry Barn is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a big empty space, just perfect for a party, but it’s a lot darker than these photographs suggest, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of holding your wedding there. Mind you, if you can book Derek, it won’t matter!
Kirsty sent me these words along with the photos. “We just wanted to thank you again for your part in the day. So many people commented what a wonderful ceremony we had. We were very proud to have been able to bring together something so special and personal (with your help!)”
It was a pleasure, Kirsty. I hope you and Dean enjoy many more Matthew McConaughey Thursdays, and that you never stop entertaining each other by quoting lines from the US version of The Office!




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