Helen and Sarah’s Humanist Wedding at Ravensheugh Log Cabin


Helen & Sarah described their meeting as ‘a modern Blind Date turned Love Story’. But it wasn’t fate that brought them together, it was Pink dot com!


Their first date in the Lakes didn’t go quite to plan. The exhaust fell off Helen’s car, so their first encounter was in a lay-by at the foot of Mount Windermere: not the most romantic venue in the world, but a good excuse for Sarah to bring out the picnic hamper!
That first meeting set the tone for the next three years: full of firsts, calamities, laughter, travel, drink, music & love. 




After just 48 hours together, Sarah knew that Helen was ‘the one’. So did Helen, and their romantic natures took them back to the very spot where they first met. They climbed a ‘small hill’ with a beautiful blue sky view, and then out came a beautiful ring, and THE QUESTION.
I think you can guess THE ANSWER…
As Sarah said in the ceremony, what really underpins everything is happiness, an overwhelming happiness that Helen has brought to my life and who doesn’t want happiness, love & a soul mate to share life with?” 


Helen said, “Sarah turns my faults into strengths and she has a kind and loving soul.  She has a way of making me feel that I’m the most important person in a room & that I always feel her love. That’s so special to me.”
Ravensheugh Log Cabin is one of my favourite venues. The sun almost always shines when I am there, and even when it doesn’t, all you need is two strapping lads with golf umbrellas!)
Below the cabin lies the mile and a half long spread of Tyninghame Beach, and just off-shore lies the Bass Rock, and if you look very closely at this photo, I am sure you’ll see a few of its 150,000 strong colony of gannets making a splash as they dive deep into the dark blue sea!
I was delighted to learn that Helen and Sarah had chosen to work with the talented photographer Euan Robertson, whose own wedding to Cat I had the pleasure of conducting the previous autumn.
I think his photos are among the most romantic I’ve seen all year.




Sarah and Helen sent me a lovely card the other day, saying, “We’ve had so many compliments about our ceremony, thank you! I think we’ve got many converted humanists!!



It set the tone for a perfect day, so really, thank you so much!
Love, Sarah and Helen”
I am so pleased you feel that way, Helen and Sarah. It was a real joy to be a part of your day, and I wish you a long life together, filled with happiness!

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