Leanne and Greig’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

Leanne and Greig’s story is a very modern fairytale, so – if you’re sitting comfortably – I’ll begin…

Greig first proposed to Leanne just three months after they met. OK, it was in Munich, and it was during Oktoberfest, so it’s no big surprise that once they’d both sobered up, they agreed to put their engagement on hold. 

I don’t think Leanne would have been quite so understanding if she’d known then that she’d have to wait eight years for the next one!

They weren’t idle in the meantime. Greig and Leanne didn’t just move in together, they had their two boys, Lewis and Ruaridh, so like many couples who ‘reverse into marriage’ they weren’t too wrapped up in the whole romance of the big day.

For me, that just made it all the sweeter to see what happened, as you can in these great shots from their chosen photographer, Sean Bell.




“As you know Greig and I didn’t particularly see the relevance in getting married, we had been married to each other in our heads and hearts for years anyway. So you can imagine both our surprise when the emotions of the day caught up with us! Our only expectations for the day were that we wanted the whole thing to feel relaxed and informal and I think a humanist ceremony helped us achieve that beautifully. 

Everyone has commented how personal and emotional the day felt and being able to tell our own story and write our own vows was a huge part of this. It was also important to us that our kids were involved and it meant so much to me to have Lewis help walk me down the aisle. 

It was also great how you managed my rascally little niece, who was determined to steal my thunder!!

Leanne and Greig wrote their own vows, which they spoke to one another on the day, from cards I held at their shoulders: as you can see from this photo, the card was invisible to the audience, which meant that they could glance at it to remind themselves of the next line. It’s a great idea and as you can see, it worked a treat for them!

Leanne just sent me these photographs this morning, and they vividly bring back the emotion of the day!

Once again a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us create the day of our dreams, even if we weren’t really sure what that was going to be like going into it!”

Warmest regards
Leanne and Greig

As you can see, Carlowrie Castle is the perfect place for a fairytale wedding, and 
Leanne and Greig’s story really is a very contemporary one. 

More and more couples do the hard yards of marriage before making it official, and what’s lovely for me is to know that helping them create a meaningful ceremony is every bit as important as it is to a couple who are only taking those first steps.

Thank you so much Greig and Leanne for sharing this with me and my readers: you just made my day! Thanks too to Sean Bell for these perfect pictures.

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