Andrew and Lisa’s Humanist Wedding at Broxmouth Park

Lisa and Andrew ‘reversed into marriage’, as I like to say, or in other words, they’d already created their family long before they ‘put a ring on it’, so their outdoor ceremony at the stately Broxmouth Park was a very relaxed and family-friendly affair. 

In fact the first thing they asked me to do was to say, 

“Grown-ups, you look splendid! But most of all, Andrew and Lisa would like to thank Lucy, Alice, Ezra, Niamh, Erin, Angus, Catherine and Isabella for coming today. You all look so smart and so pretty and there will be plenty of fun for you later on, I promise!”

There was! Andrew and Lisa are very good at understatement, and their script was full of their trademark dry humour.

“Things go well and, soon, they make their first life-changing commitment as a couple.  After a great deal of thought and candid discussion, they buy a tumble-drier together.  There really was no looking back…”

Getting married outdoors in October is always a gamble, but we Scots are made of strong stuff, and the team at Broxmouth Park made sure there were lots of tartan rugs for those who needed to wrap up warm.

Their ‘boisterous, wriggly’ daughters, Lucy and Alice helped with the exchange of rings. 

Lisa’s brother, Alexander, and Andrew’s brother Michael were exemplary witnesses, and then, 

to the sound of ‘I’m on My Way’ by the Proclaimers, the happy throng made their way back to the house for drinks and nibbles!

As is often the case, when Andrew and Lisa got in touch to send me these great photos by Will Paterson of Luco Photography the family were all coming down with the cold, but they said, we really did have a wonderful day and we created some cherished memories.

When we started to arrange our wedding, we quickly decided that we wanted our ceremony to be personal to us and to capture the feelings we felt for each other in front of our family and friends. 

It was very enjoyable working with you to develop the ceremony and the day itself was absolutely wonderful. It was the highlight of our wedding and the part that meant the most to us.  
Many of our guests commented afterwards how lovely it had been to hear us describe what getting married meant for us in our own words, and we were able to incorporate our young children into the ceremony which made it extra special for everyone.  

Thank you Tim, for your warmth, humour and thoughtful guidance! 

Not at all, Andrew and Lisa. I hope you keep on “working together towards the same goal – be happy with all you have, enjoy what is important and don’t worry about the little things.”

It really was a pleasure working with you!

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