Chloë and Tim’s Humanist Wedding in Dunbar’s Close Garden

Dragi svatje, dobrodošli na škotsko isn’t a phrase I’ve ever used before, but that’s because Tim is the first person from Slovenia I’ve ever married! 

He and Chloë had a very international guest list, with no fewer than six different languages between them, so they created an Order of Ceremony that allowed the non-English speakers to follow what was being said.

The 17th century Dunbar’s Close Garden is one of the Old Town’s best kept secrets. It was amazing that we were able to have such an intimate, personal ceremony literally yards away from the bustling Royal Mile.

“Happy Holidays, and thank you so much for helping us make this year the most special year in our lives!” said Chloë and Tim in their email today.

“You have been absolutely incredible at helping us prepare and conduct the wedding.
We got our (Christmas) gift exactly 7 weeks early so please see the attached photo 🙂 

We are sending you so much love,

Tim, Chloë and Calian”

What a lovely surprise – thanks again for asking me to be a part of your lives. I wish all three of you much love and great happiness in the years to come.

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