Let Me Choose

I’ve been a bit busy this week; not so much with ceremonies as with my volunteer job as Media Officer for the HSS. It’s taken us quite a while to get round to campaigning again, but as luck would have it we have not one but two new campaigns – Let Me Choose being the one that launched today.

We were with MSP Margo MacDonald at the Scottish Parliament this morning, supporting her End of Life Assistance Bill.

With us were Julie and Andrew Johnston. Like Margo, Julie has Parkinson’s disease, and they both spoke very movingly about their wish to have a choice about the way in which they end their lives.

Our secretary, John Bishop, who’s also a celebrant explained that most people in the UK and Europe actually support the idea of Physician Assisted Suicide (with suitable safeguards)

And our convenor, Juliet Wilson talked about the reasons we hope the public will get behind the campaign.

You can read some of them here – I hope you’ll take a moment to visit the site, sign the petition to the Scottish Parliament and if you live here, write to your MSPs.

It’s a serious issue, but Julie and Margo took it lightly and they were an inspiration to us all.

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