Speaking your vows

Speaking your wedding vows that you have thought about for so long, and written in your own words, is perhaps the ultimate expression of your love. It’s what humanists in Scotland campaigned for more than twenty years to allow you to do, and they are the perfect expression of what your wedding is all about, but there are one or two practical considerations you should bear in mind.

It works very well in an intimate setting where all your guests are within earshot, but when you have a bigger gathering, you may find that not everyone can hear what you’re saying.


You could opt to have a microphone on a stand between you, as Rebecca and Gary did, or you could do what Lauren and Ross did at their wedding this afternoon.

As they’re both quite softly-spoken, they realised that not everyone would be able to hear their words, so they arranged for their vow cards to be passed around the tables over dinner, so their guests were all able to read what they’d chosen to promise. 

Isn’t that a great idea? 

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