Lucy and Jason’s Humanist Wedding at Eskmills Venue

We’ve all had those conversations outside nightclubs, haven’t we?
Well it was on the steps outside Mood, not long after she and Jason first met, that Lucy told her bridesmaids Dawn and
Danielle, ‘If
I don’t marry him one day, there is something wrong!’ 
Six years later, she was proved right, in a very moving ceremony that she and Jason wrote themselves. 
As she told me,“The day itself was wonderful. I’m so glad that we chose a humanist wedding as everything that everyone heard had been written by us. 
This gave us the chance to involve many special people on the day which otherwise I would have been unsure how to do. 
The preparation for the wedding and our ceremony was a little challenging, because it forced us to think outside the box and think in depth about our true thoughts and feelings, often things we don’t discuss.
I’m glad we were made to do this, it made me appreciate Jason for who he was and I realised I was valuable to Jason and we had the basis to move on with our big day. 
Lucy and Jason made two big decisions. The first was to ask bridesmaid Becca to write a poem for them: the second was to keep it – and their vows – a secret till the day.
Writing our own vows was another choice we made: for once I was lost for words and didn’t know where to start whereas Jason surprised me. He had his done long before me, and hearing what he had to say on the day was invaluable to me, we made promises to one another that are personal to us and important to keep.
This photo is a perfect example of how to lay  out your vows. As you can see, I was holding Jason’s card at Lucy’s shoulder so he could glance at it when he needed a prompt, and that made it easy for him to look her in the eye as he spoke these very important words.
I have to give the last word on the ceremony to Lucy. As she said, 
“I would do it all over again in a heartbeat… although Jason might decline!”
It’s a good line Lucy, but somehow I don’t think so! Thanks again for choosing me to be your celebrant, and thanks to Roy Taylor of Euro Photographics for these lovely photos.

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