Cat and Euan’s Humanist Wedding at Knochraich Farm

When a photographer marries a musician, you know you’re going to have a great day!
I’d first met Cat and Euan separately. 
Cat played with the Cairn String Quartet when I first met her on a freezing cold day in the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Euan had been the photographer of choice at more than one wedding I’d conducted, so I was dead chuffed they chose to work with me.
There were many unusual things about the day, not least that it was the first time I’ve married a couple who shared a surname. 
I loved how they told that story.
When they first met, Fiona said, 
“hah, you’re both called Robertson: you guys should get married!” 
Cue some uncomfortable shuffling.
Cat’s boyfriend arrived 5 minutes later.
They decided to have their wedding at a place I’d never been: Knockraich Farm, where Katy Roberts produces her award-winning yoghurt. It was going to be an outdoor wedding.
But it was October, so they decorated one of the byres in case.
In the event, it was a bit of both. 
We were in an’ oot twice, 
before we finally decided that staying dry was probably a good idea.
 The beautiful music came from a very special quartet of friends, along with Amie, who gave us a reading from a letter that Johnny Cash wrote to his wife on her birthday.
Cat was accompanied by her gorgeous wee flower girl, Natasha. Euan was supported by his cousin Iain who’d flown over from Minnesota, and we all somehow managed to squeeze into the byre.
It was a very individual ceremony.
Cat and Euan told their story (OK, I did that bit). 
Then we talked about why they love each other and what they hope to achieve in their marriage, before they spoke vows they had written but kept secret from one another until the day.

Euan sent me a lovely note not long afterwards (and long, long, long before these photos.)


Firstly, a thank you for being so accommodating and helpful in the mayhem that was my decision making process at the beginning of the service. 
Both Cat & myself had our hearts set on outside, which is what made the decision difficult. 
As it turned out, it was a perfect start to the day and was a major talking point as we joined friends for a drink last night. 
Apologies for the hassle that it caused, but huge thanks for making it flow around me. 
(Editorial note: it was no hassle at all, Euan: on the contrary, it just made it all the more fun!)
Further to that, thank you for being our celebrant for the day. It was difficult to take it all in, but your manner & humour seems to have made an impression on many of our guests, and of course on both of us. 
It flashed by, as I’ve been told it would, but the laughs and tears during the service will stay with me I’m sure. 
I hope you will (or have) enjoy(ed) your ‘Hoppy Ever After’ beer, 





and I’ll be sure to send over some of our many, many photographs when they appear.
Well here they are and they are excellent! Please give it up for Nikki LeadbetterZoe AlexandraJen Owens,Lindsay Parker, and Neil Thomas Douglas who’d been saving up a roll of 1980’s Ektachrome stock for this very day… 
My only regret was that I couldn’t stay longer: It was clearly going to be one of those great parties!
Big thanks to the four feisty fiddlers, and of course the five fabulous photographers, without whom this would have been very, very different, but most of all, my thanks go to you, Cat and Euan: I wish you both every happiness!

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