Laura and Graham’s Humanist Wedding at Orocco Pier


Laura (14) met Graham (15) while on holiday with their parents in Estartit, in Spain. 


Graham thought Laura had the fuzziest hair
he’d ever seen, and a very beautiful smile. Laura was wearing braces at the time, which made her very self-conscious, so she spent most of her time hiding her 
beautiful smile behind her hands.    

They had a wee kiss, and the young lovers spent months commuting from Bo’Ness to Kirkaldy by bus, train and Shanks’s Pony before Graham was eventually allowed to sleep over (in a sleeping bag on top of the covers!)
Young love eventually faded, and there was a 12 year intermission before the wonder of Facebook brought them back together again in the summer of 2013. 
By then, Laura had her beautiful daughter, Roni, and it was Roni who told Laura and Graham that she wanted to have a new life together, as a family, in a forever home.
Two years passed and on Christmas Day 2015, Laura got Graham out of the shower by saying, “I need to tell you something”. Baby Sneddon was on his way.
Not only was it Christmas Day, but the plan was to take Roni to Nana’s house over in Fife before heading for the Maternity Ward. 
Laura’s waters had broken, so she asked the dreaded question, “what if the baby has to be delivered in Fife?”
Graham looked at her and said, “if I have to make you a mankini out of duct tape to keep the baby in there till we get back over this bloody bridge, then I’ll pull over and strap you in now!”
Laura saw the funny side, thinking Graham was kidding. 
He wasn’t.
It was such a joyful wedding!
On the day, Roni scattered rose petals down the aisle as Dillan ran wild and – as his parents predicted – stole the show.
Laura and Graham sent me this photo today, along with this note.
“We just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful wedding ceremony, conducted by yourself. We have had nothing but praise in regards to how you told our story, and how relaxed and meaningful the day was. 
Everything went amazing and we could not have asked for a better humanist, or gentleman, to share our day with. So again from my husband Graham and I, sincerely thank you.We wish you all the best for the future”.

The pleasure was all mine, Graham and Laura! Thanks for the kind words and thanks to Iris Photography for this great photo!

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