Jade and Michael’s Humanist Wedding at The Cowshed in Crail

Jade and Michael did a lovely thing in their very relaxed and informal ceremony at The Cowshed.

They asked their parents and grandparents the BIG question: What’s the secret to a long and happy marriage?

Jade’s parents said: ‘Compromise, and doing things together as a partnership and family. Love has blossomed as we’ve grown old together’.

Michael’s parents said: ‘it was just a feeling that we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and marriage was our commitment to doing that’.

And Jade’s grandparents said: ‘Always have fun and have a sense of humour! Do things together – we’ve been dancing together from as long as we can remember.’

Thank you so much for those words of wisdom

oh ancient ones!

Michael and Jade sent me a lovely card that said, ‘We want to thank you for conducting our truly amazing ceremony! Even without a rehearsal, it was better than we ever imagined.


We thoroughly enjoyed writing our story, and you delivered it so well, with many laughs and tears from our guests’.

Thank you, Jade and Michael – I loved it too, and thanks to Michele of Lamb Loves Photography for the pics!

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