Sarah and Ali’s Humanist Wedding at The Principal Edinburgh

Sarah and Ali’s story began back in 2009 when they first laid eyes on each other in Why Not? Nightclub (still going strong on George Street) where Ali’s tanned good looks caught Sarah’s eye. 

He then checked her out on Bebo (not going quite so strong these days), little realising that she’d been stalking him there for some time…

 Ali chose their first date film – Marley and Me – thinking it was girly and romantic. Sarah thought it was the worst choice ever, and Ali compounded his error by turning up in green and white Nike Split Toes, as much a fashion faux pas today as they were when launched in 1996.

Ali was very nervous, not just because Sarah was beautiful, but also because she had a car. Despite everything, they were soon inseparable, and Sarah became the best-dressed supporter of Arniston Rangers, which was where Ali was playing his football in those days.

As you’ll have gathered, this was a fun-filled ceremony, with a huge posse of family and friends who’d come from all four corners of the earth to see Sarah and Ali tie the knot.

I think it might have been the first time I’ve conducted a wedding where there were more groom’s men than bridesmaids, but I suspect it won’t be the last.

Like all the best love stories, theirs didn’t run smoothly, although Sarah never forgot Ali telling her, ‘I promise that you will be the girl I marry…’ when they split up.

Fast forward a few years, and after a chance encounter, a happy reunion, a maritime proposal and an eight-month spell playing football in Sweden (for Ali), we all gathered to celebrate their love in the ballroom of The Principal Edinburgh, coincidentally just across the road from the club where they first met!

Our pageboy, James, read us a poem called ‘No Mistake’, by Martha Sims, I got to speak a bit of Swedish,Inga tråkiga personer tillåtna 
then Ali and Sarah spoke their vows and exchanged rings.

Sarah and Ali decided to incorporate The Quaich Ceremony, but as with everything they did, they made it their own by inviting both sets of parents to share it with them.

I really enjoyed being a part of Ali and Sarah’s wedding, so naturally I was delighted  when they sent me these great photos by Marshall Hall, and told me,‘You were fantastic! We have had so many wonderful comments with regards to your ceremony! Thank you again, you were sooooo fab!’

It was my pleasure, guys! Thanks again for these kind words, and don’t lose touch!

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