Beat butter and sugar until soft and creamy…

A witness to the first air raid of WWII, a proud ‘Pelican’ and a president of the Inner Wheel, Audrey had a long and rich life as a nurse, wife, mother and grandmother.

‘An inveterate blether’, as she was affectionately described by her loving husband Norman, Audrey had a gift for friendship, and wrote thousands of Christmas, birthday and other cards to the friends she made all over the world in the course of her eventful life.

When her daughters were growing up, their friends would always ask if their mum had made one of her famous cakes, so in tribute to that memory, Avril and Carol decided to include the recipe in her Order of Ceremony.

I thought that was a lovely idea, and I was really tickled to see it take pride of place when we said goodbye to her last week. 

One day, I must try to make this myself, although I’m sure it will never look or taste as good as Audrey’s!

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