Robert and Stuart are getting married!

I love to receive wedding invitations, and I felt I had to share this one from Robert and Stuart because it’s beautiful, funny and imaginative.

Stuart and Robert met just over 40 years ago, and they’re very widely travelled gentlemen. So are their guests, and their designer Marianne Lethbridge reflected their love of travel in her ‘Save the Date’ cards, which came in the form of luggage tags.

The invitation itself is a passport… 

and you’ve got to love the dress code!

The boys had another lovely idea. They asked their guests to send them a photograph along with their acceptance.

But what touched me most was what they said about gifts…

Marianne’s company is called Ditsy Chic, and she’s based in Bristol: Stuart and Robert found her online. She’s having her website redesigned, but you can find her here.

Robert and Stuart’s script is as witty and generous as their invitation, so I’m really looking forward to delivering it next month.

Travel well, gentlemen: I can’t wait to see you again!

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