Jill and Chris’s Humanist Wedding at Mansfield Traquair


Just look at Mansfield Traquair. Could it be more calm and tranquil?

Little did Jill and Chris know what was to come. If they had, then these placards might have had alternative captions. 

‘Last chance to run – 
here come Harry and Grace!’


it all began so well. The acoustics were perfect for the voices of Pitchcraft, the splendid Edinburgh based amateur choir who led the wedding party in with a song in Swahili.

It really was a spell-binding moment

Chris and Jill’s story was funny and clever. As they wrote, ‘They met on the darkest dingiest stairs in the office building they shared when Jill mistook Chris for someone one else. 

 Chris thought Jill was a little nuts (correct) and Jill thought Chris was pretty cocky (correct too).    

They took almost six years to get together, and now look fondly back to their carefree holidays skiing the slopes in the days before finding ‘pretty much anywhere with a Kids Club’ became their reality.

Harry and Grace are clearly the apples of their eyes and they are as lively a pair of monkeys as you’ll ever meet!

But before they completely took over the event, they gave their big cousins Rebecca and Matthew a moment in the limelight.

Rebecca and Matthew were great, but all of a sudden it was ‘The Grace and Harry Show’!

From here on in, I honestly can’t remember what I said because I was laughing so much.


And although Jill and Chris had lots of interesting, touching and moving things to say, I have a feeling that I didn’t have the audience’s complete attention…


Chris and Jill clearly loved it every bit as much as Grace and Harry did.

I got this lovely email from Jill not long afterwards

We wanted to say thank you for the part you played in our wedding on Saturday we had the BEST day. 

You were brilliant while Grace and Harry were making sure everyone knew they were there and helped us and everyone else feel at ease about it. 

Our guests all loved the service too and told us how different, happy and relaxed it had all felt. 

We’ll be sure to share Ricky’s photos with you when we receive them but currently this photo is the one that we feel sums up our day best. 

I can see why, can’t you? I’m changing my contract. From now on I’m going to insist I work only with children and animals – as long as the children are as talented physical comedians as Grace and Harry!

Thank you so much for these great shots, Ricky Baillie, and thank you to Chris, Jill and the kids for giving me such a gift of a story!

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