Ich amo you

I just had a call from a fellow Edinburgh based celebrant, Duncan Robertson that raised an interesting question: what do you do when you’re asked to perform a wedding for a couple where both parties speak different first languages, and neither of them are English? As Humanist weddings in Scotland become ever more popular, more and […]

Where can we get married 2

One of the nicest things about being a humanist celebrant is that every so often someone invites you to a dream location to conduct their wedding. It’s just happened to me – a summer wedding in a picturesque village in the French Alps. I’d love to do it, and the date is open in my […]

Do we have to write the ceremony ourselves?

For most of us, if standing up in public is terrifying and speaking in public is worse, then telling the most important person in your life how much you love them in front of an audience composed of  your nearest and dearest is unthinkable.  So – given that’s what a humanist wedding in Scotland is […]