Becky & Adam’s Humanist Wedding on Inchcolm Island

Do you forget wedding anniversaries? I do! It was on Becky and Adam’s first that I realised they’d already sent me these great photos, and all because I bumped into Adam at the Edinburgh Volunteer Fair.

Adam is now working with a local charity and he reminded me that he and Becky had sent me some pics from their wedding last year that I had completely forgotten to post – which is a shame because it was a wonderful day and I remember it well, not least because of the story of how they met.

Entirely separately, they were both hitching to Glastonbury when they managed to get a lift in the back of a a rusty blue transit van with a large hole in the bottom, through which an abundance of exhaust fumes poured in, making them Becky lose the will to live, and Adam lose the contents of his stomach! 

They survived the journey, and the mud, and the trench foot, and going to Art College together, before moving to South Queensferry, from which the wonderfully atmospheric Isle of Inchcolm is only a short boat trip away.

It was a wild and windy day, but if anything it made it all the more romantic. 

And I’m glad that even if my memory is deficient,  Adam’s isn’t!

He mailed me saying, We just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for making our day such a special one, on the eve of our anniversary. We are going over to inchcolm tomorrow as part of our celebrations. It was truely a wonderful day enjoyed by all, so thank you for all your work and guidance.”

As ever, it was my pleasure!

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