Katy & Jerome’s Humanist wedding at Gorton House in Midlothian

Katy & Jerome met four years ago in Canada when they were both on an exchange – Katy from Scotland and Jerome from Australia, and as they said in their ceremony, they were both expecting to meet new people have fun and see another part of the world, but not to fall in love, so it was no surprise that they were joined by friends and family who’d travelled from North America, France, Norway, Australia, and all over the UK to be with them for their special day.

It was a glorious autumn afternoon and they wrote a very touching ceremony, so I asked Katy for her thoughts about it and what it meant. This is what she wrote.

Although we might like to think we know each others thoughts, Jerome actually came up with some lovely things that I wasn’t so aware of, and hopefully I also did the same to him, and it was also nice just to hear it said out loud.  

The thing I liked most about the ceremony was that it was actually about us and it was unique – I was quite against a religious or civil ceremony not just because they didn’t reflect my beliefs, but also because they tend to be much more generic.  

I think the fact that we were able to describe our own thoughts on marriage in our own words, rather than just having someone else describe what they think marriage means, made it even more personal and special.  

I think it will be a great think to have to look back on in the years to come, especially if we go through any tough times, to remind us why we fell in love and what we committed to.  

In terms of the ceremony itself on the day, I’d like to think it had just the right balance between being informal but also being special and meaningful.  It is certainly something I will never forget and will have much pleasure looking back on.  

We have had lots of good feedback so hopefully something went right!

  1. Josimar Alvaro left a comment on June 28, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Por favor! Sou ex-pastor presbiteriano e agora agnóstico e diretor de cerimônias da Liga Humanista Secular do Brasil.

    Estamos montando um site e gostaríamos de conhecê-los melhor. Também gostaria de solicitar autorização de vocês para usarmos suas fotos para a divulgação do nosso trabalho que só está começando.

    Aguardo retorno

    Alvaro Santos

    translation by google

    Please! I am a former Presbyterian minister and now an agnostic and director of the League Secular Humanist ceremonies in Brazil.

    We are building a website and would like to know them better. I would also request authorization from you for us to use their photos for the dissemination of our work is just beginning.

    I look back

    thank you
    Alvaro Santos

  2. Tim Maguire, Humanist Celebrant left a comment on June 28, 2012 at 9:53 am

    graças Alvaro

    Você seria melhor entrar em contato com a Sociedade Humanista Escócia diretamente – tente escrever a secretary@humanism-scotland.org.uk

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