Turning an idea into a reality

A week ago, I told you how my friend Al came up with a new name for ‘the homework process’.

Now, another great friend has made it not just “a thing”, but a thing of beauty.

Jane Scott is a very gifted designer. I’ve known her even longer than I’ve known Al, and in my freelance years as a producer/director/writer/voiceover/presenter/the list goes on, she designed a series of original, clever and memorable identities for a man who didn’t always know quite who he was at the time…

I love what she’s done in her design; it picks up on what Jonathan Barnbrook did for the cover of my book.

I’m lucky to know a lot of very talented people…

If you’ve read my blog at all over the last 12 years or more, you already know that Lovework is at the heart of the creative process I ask all my couples to undertake when they’re wondering what to say about why they’re getting married. I used to call it homework, as I explained here.

The process is the same but my hope is that the experience will be different.

If it is, then that will be down to Al and Jane.


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