Cristina & Marc’s Humanist Elopement at Carberry Tower

I’m always very touched when people choose to come to Scotland to get married. I’m even more touched when I discover that although they’ve already been legally married at home, they come here all the same for a ‘Wedding Blessing’.

But Cristina and Marc went one further. Hailing as they do from Catalunya, they chose to create a truly multilingual ceremony that involved everyone present; their best man and bridesmaid, Roger and Núria, themselves, and of course me.

But they put their own twist on that too. I spoke in Spanish, they spoke in English, and Roger and Núria spoke in Catalan! That was so thoughtful and inclusive. ¡Soy europeo!

Being such an intimate ceremony, it was short but sweet. Cris and Marc told their own versions of their story; Roger and Núria made them some promises and then, after a Mark Twain poem, read in English by Núria, Marc and Cristina made their vows.

What was perhaps the most unusual part of the ceremony from a British point of view was that they chose to hold it at 11.30 am – just in time for a late Wedding Breakfast, which I thought was very classy! 50 years ago, most weddings happened before lunchtime, and something tells me that’s going to come back into fashion once again.

I loved the ceremony itself, but the best bit came afterwards when Marc and Cristina said, “You are family now.”

“You will always be part of our lives!”

I really couldn’t have asked for more, but when she sent me these photos, (which were all taken on her iPhone by the wedding co-ordinator), Cristina added these words.

I don’t know how to express our happiness about that day … I never imagined it being so perfect … the sun,  the place, you, with your elegant Kilt 😍 – you looked fantastic – but far more importantly, it was the way that we felt with you. You were so kind; we felt as if we already knew you before we met… it was magic 🍀

I have no words. We felt so happy, comfortable and stress free. Our day was better that we could ever have imagined! We will never forget it and we would like to THANK YOU 🍀🙏🏻😘

Tampoc tinc paraules, Cristina y Marc… va ser una alegria absoluta y gràcies per triar-me!

Oh! And I almost forgot. We had a special guest on the day who for fairly obvious reasons couldn’t join us in person – Cristina and Marc’s dog ‘Sherpa’!

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