Holly & Ross’s Humanist Wedding at Balbirnie House

“Never work with children or animals” is one of the best known showbiz quotes of all time. it’s also something everyone experienced during Lockdown, as kids crashed business meetings and even important TV interviews often with hilarious consequences!

As a celebrant, I love it when kids take centre stage during my weddings. They just know the ideal time to take centre stage and it’s usually when mummy and daddy are just about to do something quite important, like speak their vows.

Ayla doesn’t have an agent yet, but I will be checking the credits of TV programmes in years to come because she’s just a total natural!

Holly & Ross got married at Balbirnie only last month and as they’re only just back from their honeymoon, I was surprised and touched to be sent these photos this morning.

As they said, “Being married feels even better than we ever expected! 

We want to thank you so much for giving us a ceremony that was so personal and memorable – we couldn’t have asked for better! 

You were professional, warm and funny and everything we could have hoped for and more. 

Also, the way you handled Ayla in an unpredictable situation was amazing – encouraging her to toddle across the ceremony with no hesitation. 

It was a pleasure, Holly and Ross – I hope that one day when her name is up in lights in the West End, she remembers her debut performance! Thanks for sharing these photos with me – and thanks of course to Rob Thomson of Lifetime Photography for catching the moment!

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