Pippa & Ross’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

Nobody expects to be able to marry out of doors in Scotland in March, but Ross and Pippa got lucky!

That’s the kind of couple they are – but it wasn’t always that way.

They first met when they were still in their teens when, let’s just say Ross still had a lot of growing up to do…

In Pippa’s words, ‘he was a bit of an arse’ in those days. When he first met her mum, June, (who was famously not shy about offering her opinion on potential suitors), he was sporting a black eye, and even though Pippa was adamant that she would never go out with a guy like that, June boldly broached the topic with Ross and grilled him on his intentions!

Despite their inauspicious start, Ross soon became a part of Pippa’s home. He moved in, becoming the resident chef as well as June’s buddy but otherwise, he didn’t change – he still knew how to stir the big wooden spoon!

After only 7 months of dating, Ross was Pippa’s Plus One at her older sister Tanya’s wedding. Remember I said June was forthcoming? Well, that was the night she gave Ross her blessing on his proposal. Ross went a nice shade of white and spent the next nine years saying it would never happen!

I think you can tell that this wedding was A LOT of fun!

In the dazzling spring sunshine, the bridesmaids came down the aisle on the arms of the groomsmen in true Hollywood style.

The bevy of beauties on my left were Pippa’s older sister, Tanya, AKA Superwoman; her golden-hearted younger sister,Bethany; Sarah, who’s been Pippa’s best friend since nursery and is normally responsible for her hangovers, and Erin, without whom Pippa said she simply couldn’t have imagined the day! 

The handsome gentlemen on my right were Ross’s younger brother and business partner, Craig, who always gives Ross the bluntest of advice; their dad, Stuart, who’s always on hand to fix a vehicle or paint, and Ross’s best friend, The Middle Dawg, aka Andrew, who Ross claims has never talked him out of making a bad decision!

Where did Ross propose? Thailand. He says he can’t remember anything about the first part of the holiday because he was afraid that he’d either a) lose the ring, b) it would set off an alarms at  airport security, c) Pippa would find it in his luggage or d) he wouldn’t know what to say when he produced it.

The climactic moment arrived when they were getting ready for dinner in Koh Samui – Pippa was ready first, and hangry. Ross was flustered so he rummaged for the ring in his bag as she huffed and puffed, eventually found it, turned to her and – for the first time ever in his life – he froze. He was totally lost for words.  

Pippa clocked the box; she knew what it was, but still; not a word from Ross. Eventually, just as he started to open his mouth, she said yes! And as they wrote in their ceremony, ‘there was no doubt.’

When it was time for the vows, Ross and Pippa opted to be asked some questions to which they could say, “I do!” before speaking their traditional promises, ‘to have and to hold’.

Their nice and nephew, Charlie-Ann & Mario presented them with the rings

Which they exchanged as they made the legal declaration; “I accept you in marriage”. That’s the phrase that we use in Celebrate People, because it embodies the equality of status that marriage now represents.

As the sun blazed down, I pronounced them married, and then – as I always do – I got out of the way sharpish so that photographer Derek Christie and videographer Adam Troup could get the all-important 2-shot!

It really was a perfect day! Spring sunshine, brilliant stories, and a truly happy couple. I didn’t know until later how Pippa made sure that Ross was extremely happy…

What a wonderful surprise – but then as we know, Ross is a lucky man!

Not long after the wedding, Pippa gave me my very first review on Your Scottish Wedding, which was another lovely and thoughtful surprise!

I am duly touched and very grateful for your kind words, Pippa! And as always, I’m really impressed by the way that Derek Christie really captured all the action – and the emotion – of the day. It’s no wonder he’s one of Scotland’s busiest and most-popular photographers!

In a first for my blog, I’d delighted that I can let you see Adam Troup’s video too. You’ll find both versions here, but the highlights alone are worth five minutes of your time; they’re very romantic and beautifully shot.

I’m writing this on an overcast May morning when it feels like the sun will never come out again, but seeing these photographs really has brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks again to you, Pippa and Ross; it was a joy to be a part of your very special day!

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