Lights, camera, action!

I don’t often get to see films of the weddings I’ve conducted. Stills photographers can sometimes deliver a package of images in as little as 24 hours, but films take a while to edit.

I worked as a producer and director before I became a celebrant, and that was how I learned where a film is really made; not on location, but in the edit suite.

I once spent 3 months in NYC editing 8 thirty second TV commercials. Think about it; that’s about 12 days for each film. Mind you, one of them won a Gold at the British Television Awards, so it was worth it.

I was on Instagram a few minutes ago when I saw I’d been tagged in someone else’s post. It turned out to be the trailer for Grant and Natasha’s wedding at Glencorse House, and it is a thing of beauty.

Danny from TLC Media Wedding Films took the blessing I spoke at the end of the ceremony, and used it as the voiceover for the whole film. As he said, “you are a filmmaker’s dream with that voice” which is very flattering.

I really like what he’s done here, and I hope you do too.

PS: this is the film that won that award – it’s all about a blind fan of West Ham who used to go to the game with his brother and his mate and they told him what was happening on the field all the way through.

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