Nicole & John’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

Nicole and John created an amazing ceremony in their own words, so it seems only appropriate to let them tell you in their own words what that means to them now, looking back from a few months on.

We were just looking back at some photos and videos the other night, and we still can’t believe how amazing the entire day was. We were so lucky with absolutely everything. All of our vendors were truly the best of the best and the entire day went without a hitch! The Scottish sun even made an appearance – it was honestly the best day of our lives. 

I must admit when we first started planning the wedding, the ceremony part of the day wasn’t even in my mind. 

I’d never even considered vow writing before, however looking back we both agree that the ceremony was one of the best parts, if not the best part, of the entire day. 

It was just so special and the way that you guided us through writing our own vows and really thinking about what we wanted to say on the day was amazing. 

As you know, we both decided to write private vows and speak them to each other on the day. I loved not knowing what John was going to say and vice versa, it just made the ceremony even more intimate. The process of writing these vows and the homework provided was one of the best experiences we had and it grounded us back to thinking why we were actually getting married and not get carried away with planning the party side of the day. 

We really appreciated the way you took time to rehearse with us in your garden and guide us through the hand fasting which turned out perfectly on the day. So much so, we’ve framed the ‘knot’ to keep forever. 

I’ve been to one other wedding since ours and the difference in the ceremonies was night and day. I didn’t realise a lot of people don’t actually speak personal vows to their other half. All in all we are so glad that we came across you on Instagram, we honestly couldn’t have chosen a better humanist. Even the way you visited myself and the bridesmaids before we walked down the aisle to ensure that we knew exactly what we were doing and where to stand, which sounds silly but it really helped as nerves on the day make your brain turn to mush! 

We can’t thank you enough for ensuring that our ceremony was special and personal to us and we would highly recommend you to any future couples that require a humanist! Thanks so much for everything. Nicole and John x

Beautiful words, beautiful couple, beautiful venue, beautiful photography; what can I say apart from thank you so much, Nicole and John – I’m so glad you had not only the courage to take on the challenge, but the joy that comes from sharing your hopes and dreams with your families and friends. As you know, that’s a unique feeling, and one to be treasured forever! Thanks as ever to the fantastic team at Carlowrie Castle (including their gardeners!) and of course to Gary Bonar for these fantastic photos.

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