Jen & David’s Humanist Wedding on the farm at Aberdour

Sometimes the weather in Scotland is very kind indeed, and we get one of those perfect summer days when everything goes just right.

We were doubly blessed with the location. Jen’s dad is a farmer, so we had lots of space.

And we were outdoors, so nobody had to wear a mask…

It was a very laidback affair. As Jen wrote, “We knew from the start that we didn’t want something formal and fussy for our day and with Covid 19 restrictions and all the unpredictabilities over the last wee while, we decided that we’d crack on no matter what and get married in my mum and dad’s back garden.” 

Initially we’d agreed to do our wedding homework on the weekend of our anniversary, but when the time came round we felt a bit ‘meh’ about it and it was a bit of ‘oh if we don’t do it know, we’ll never do it’. 

But it actually turned out to be a really fun and enjoyable process. 

It was encouraging to see we valued a lot of the same things in each other and our relationship, and we had a laugh seeing what the other one had remembered that the other had forgotten as part of our story. 

We loved being able to personalise our ceremony.

It made it feel very true to us and enjoyed the freedom over what for many people, can be a really stressful part of the day

Our family and friends all said they enjoyed that too. 

Alessandro, David’s brother in law, read a poem about the unpredictability of love and my Aunt and Uncle read a Neil Gaiman one called ’Everything I know about love: nothing’, which I love, as I feel it shows how every relationship journey is different.

The homework helped to structure our vows.

My friends have had a right laugh since saying they can’t believe I managed to get the word ‘arsey’ into them!

I really loved being a part of Jen and David’s day; as you can tell, it was really great fun all round!

Again, as Jen said, “Thanks for Friday! We had an absolute riot and it was very good fun – thanks for conducting the ceremony.”

“We had so many folk say they enjoyed how personal and relaxed the ceremony was. It totally started the day off on a good note!”

That was one party I’d loved to have been able to stay for, and as you can see from Carley Buick’s great shots, it was a very happy crowd!

I don’t usually post quite so many ‘after the event’ shots, but these are too gorgeous not to share. If you check out Carley’s site, you can see lots more.

Thank you, Jen & David, for allowing me to be a part of your day. It was a real joy, and a ceremony I’ll always remember!

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