Jen and Phil’s informal wedding celebration

I was supposed to be marrying Jen and Phil three days ago, but like so many other couples, their plans were fundamentally changed by COVID-19.

I’ve been encouraging everyone to make the most of the day, and in my last post, I even shared a DIY, ‘Just the Two of Us’ ceremony written by my Celebrate People colleague, Gerrie Douglas-Scott.

There are two ways you deal with where we now find ourselves, and I’m so proud of Jen & Phil for taking the right one. This morning, they sent me this photograph, this lovely message and a hilarious video!

Even though we couldn’t officially get married yesterday, Phil and I managed to celebrate in the best way we could. We went for a big walk in The Pentlands, we got dressed in our wedding gear, we read through the full ceremony and vows, we played performances/ readings through videos from friends, we laughed, we cried, we drank MANY bottles of champagne, and we danced the night away – just the 2 of us in our living room.

So whilst we were sad we didn’t get to meet with you and have the 04.04.2020 as planned- it was a wonderful day anyway, and we can’t wait to celebrate AGAIN with you on the 17th October. Thanks again for making this time as worry free as possible by all being so flexible, supportive and communicative. Stay fit and well, Love, Jen and Phil x

Inspiring? I think so! You can read the full story of Jen & Phil’s journey on Jen’s very sporty blog here

And I’m delighted to see that Scottish Wedding Magazine has done a great story about it here too

And check in November to see how the rematch goes!

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