Your wedding and the Coronavirus

I was looking forward this morning to speaking to a French couple who had planned to elope to Scotland later this year, but they’ve just told me that they’re going to have to postpone their wedding: I’m sure they aren’t the only people currently very worried about the pandemic that is now sweeping across the world.

The organisation to which I belong, Celebrate People, has released this statement

It is a stressful time for all out couples as many are concerned about the day they have planned for their wedding.  All our celebrants at Celebrate People have contingency plans in place.  Your ceremony script is backed up and will be passed to another celebrant if required.  If things go awry there won’t be any extra costs in changing dates.  Make sure you have your ceremony prepared early to help us stay organised to be able to help the best way we can.  Hopefully this won’t be necessary but we want you to be reassured that we do have measure in place.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but if you’re worried about your wedding, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands: yes, it sounds boring, but as this article in The Guardian says, ‘the best advice is precisely that’.

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