Lisa, Antonio and Sofia

I got this lovely message from Lisa and Antonio on Messenger yesterday evening. You remember them: Antonio managed to convince Lisa that he was Fernando Torres’ cousin! 

if you read their story, you’ll see that they were trying for a baby for a very long time, and it was only in August that they learned that Sofia was on her way.

We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary yesterday! Can’t believe it’s been a year already and what a year it’s been. 

We watched our wedding video and I still cry listening to our ceremony. 

Yesterday was extra special as we got to celebrate with our baby girl Sofia. She will be 10 weeks this week. Such a special day. Thank you again for being part of our special day last year. Warm wishes, Lisa Torres

What can I say, Lisa, other than I am so touched you told me this: I am delighted for all three of you! 

Thank you so much for sharing your joy with me – and a belated happy anniversary to you and Antonio too x

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