How to Prepare for Your Digital Death

We live many lives, and for most of us, we increasingly live online: not just through social media, but for our banking and utilities as well. 

Thankfully there are now quite a few useful guides available,  and while you can read them online, what they will all tell you is that you need to create an old fashioned paper version too, so that your nearest and dearest can act on it.

The first thing to do is make a plan quite possibly using good old paper and pen. 

Create a list of all your digital devices and their passwords. List your social media accounts and their passwords, as well as your bank accounts and utility suppliers if you get your bills online.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram (to name but a few) all have different digital legacy programmes. Some are simpler than others, but you need to find out what they are. Contact their support if you need help.

A fellow blogger called Klara suggested this site

It has a link to another great site called ‘Dead Social’ where you can download a free ‘digital will’

And my local Funeral Directors William Purves have also produced their own guide to ‘Digital End of Life’ which you can download for free here

I hope you find these tools useful: remember you also need to decide who’s going to be your ‘digital executor’, so you should talk to them about how best to manage the process. 

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