Rites of Passage

Can you imagine attending your own funeral? The old joke is that it’s the best party you’ll never go to, but that may no longer be true.

Last year, in his Channel 4 series Grayson Perry helped to create a ‘living funeral’ for Roch, a man who’d been living with Motor Neurone disease, and it was so moving that it inspired me to write this article for The Scotsman.

You can read the article here

And you can see Grayson Perry’s programme on death (and the rest of the series) here

 I’d love to conduct a living funeral: it now seems such an obviously good idea, but there are other ways you can prepare yourself and your friends and family for your eventual departure.

My wife Susan told me a wonderful story about a lady she knew who – when she was diagnosed as terminally ill – decided to host a drinks party for her friends every week, telling them not only to come and enjoy her company while they could, but to continue to hold the parties after she’d gone.

When it’s my time, I hope I’m able to do the same, but what would you like to do?

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