Susanne and Mark’s Humanist Wedding at Norton House Hotel

Susanne and Mark were among the very first couples to buy my book at the launch back in February. Here’s what they said…
Our wedding day was without doubt the most fabulous day ever.  
Everyone was so happy for us and there was something special about having family and life long friends who knew our journeys to witness the start of our happy ever after.  
Everyone spent the day smiling, crying, laughing, drinking and dancing.  And it was very considerate of the sun to make an appearance and shine all day!
Regarding our ceremony, the amount of people who said to me afterwards that it was the best wedding ceremony they had witnessed was unreal.  Asking people to put their phones away and be in the moment was a great move.  However, the master stroke of the ceremony was getting us to write it.  
The way you guided us to do that was enlightening and clever.  A few people said ‘the humanist knew you so well!’  That’s not really accurate, but you knew how to get us to tell our story and you delivered it so well!  
I know it’s your ‘job’ but you do it so professionally, with the correct amount of humour, emotion and sentiment.  
I’m so glad we got the kids involved.  Not only did that allow them to feel even more part of our special day, but it generated even more emotion, in an already emotionally charged room!  
I don’t think we would have come up with that idea if we hadn’t read your book.  Not because the idea was in the book, but the inspiration for it was.
The rest of the day just followed in the same vein as the ceremony.  We had a magician for our guests when we were getting our photos taken and he was brilliant.  The speeches were very funny and very moving.  Then at night The Soul Kings performed and the dance floor was literally jumping.  
We followed that with our ‘Happy Hibby Half Hour’, green shots for our guests and songs associated with our beloved football club.  And the best thing about our entertainment was that we hadn’t told a soul.  
So nobody knew what to expect, nobody had any preconceived ideas about how the night was going to be and everybody had an incredible time.
Thank you so much for marrying us and helping us create the most wonderful memories.  One of my favourite moments of the day was when one of our friends approached us during the wedding breakfast and said ‘seriously guys, are you in a competition for the best wedding day ever!’  
Mark and I just wanted to be married to each other, but on planning our big day we realised we wanted everyone to share in what that meant to us and to join us in celebrating our marriage.  And celebrate we did!  I wouldn’t change a thing about our day.
Love from Mr and Mrs Hendo.
Mark and Susanne, I just want to say a huge thank you for your kind words: I couldn’t be happier with what you said, and I loved this particularly – ‘I don’t think we would have come up with that idea if we hadn’t read your book.  Not because the idea was in the book, but the inspiration for it was.’ That was what I hoped the book would do, so it’s very affirming to read. Much love to you, and of course many thanks to Neil Whiteside of Dream Captures Photography

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