Laura and Craig’s Humanist Wedding at Rufflets St Andrews

Scene One, EXT. 
A formal garden in St. Andrews 
A group of sharp dressed men walk to camera

But these dapper dudes are not Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. Orange and MrPink: they’re Lee, Sean, groom Craig, and his brother, ‘protein shake enthusiast’, Rorry.

Cut to INT, where a pensive Laura awaits bridesmaids Michelle and Louise and of course, her dad …

When we can’t find time for a rehearsal beforehand, I always have a quick heads up with the cast before they take the stage…

Craig and Laura put a lot of thought and imagination into their ceremony, which covered a lot of different locations in the eight years since they first met in their hometown of Blairgowrie.

Their burgeoning relationship moved to Edinburgh, and it took in gigs by Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris and Moby, as well as trips to London, Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon before climaxing in a romantic proposal by the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

Craig and Laura shared their homework over a bottle of bubbly, and they used it as a basis to write their vows as well as the rest of the ceremony. 

Before they did that, Best Man Sean read ‘I wanna be yours’ by John Cooper Clarke

And I asked the guests to make a series of promises to the happy couple

before Laura and Craig spoke their own, very personal vows. 

Among other things, Craig promised to protect Laura from the 8-legged intruders which often frequent their home…

While Laura promised  always to be Craig’s cheerleader, supporting him through his presentations and reports, no matter how dull the topic may be…

After I pronounced them husband and wife, but before we signed the Marriage Schedule, Maid of Honour Michelle gave us a particularly good rendition of e.e. Cummings ‘I Carry Your Heart with Me’ 

Only then were we joined by Hilary and Marion, the mothers of the bride and groom, who witnessed the signing.

I’ve been conducting legal marriages in Scotland for almost fifteen years and I can’t believe that this was my first ever visit to Rufflets. A frequent VOWS award winner, it’s best known for its ten acres of gardens, and the wedding suite which can take up to 150 guests. I think we were almost at capacity!

I hadn’t worked with the Perthshire-based photographer Iain Struthers before either, but as you can see, he did a great job on these photos which Laura and Craig sent me a few days ago, along with these words.

“We cannot thank you enough, not only for conducting our wedding ceremony, but for your guidance and support throughout, which gave our ceremony the ultimate personal touch we were hoping for. 

Whilst the thought of the homework you set was daunting initially, we really enjoyed it in the end, hearing the little things that made us each fall in love, really thinking about what marriage meant to us, and why we wanted to take this step in life together. 

Your approach made our ceremony truly unique to Craig & I, and your delivery was fantastic. We don’t think we have ever heard as many laughs within a ceremony before, whilst not losing the sentiment or significance of the occasion. 

Our family and friends were truly present within our ceremony and heard every word: based on the feedback and the questions we received afterwards, even our guests of faith commented on how much they enjoyed our very personal ceremony.

From start to finish, our wedding day was more than we could ever have hoped it would be and after a forecast of rain, even the sun came out to play which really was the icing on top of the wedding cake! 

After a lot of planning, everything just slotted together and we have made memories we will cherish forever. It really was ‘THE’ best day!” 

It certainly looks exactly that! Thank you so much, Laura and Craig: it was a pleasure and I’m just proud of you both for giving your ceremony so much thought and making it such a pleasure for me to deliver – don’t lose touch now!

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