Katrina and Andrew’s Humanist Wedding at Pratis Barns

I loved how Katrina and Andrew’s ‘unplugged wedding ceremony’ began. I told the guests they wanted to see their faces not their phones, and then their friends Lizzie and Jamie gave us a lovely version of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ for Katrina’s walk down the aisle.

They both came with a big team: Katrina had Jen, Amy, Natasha, not one but two Laurens and their adorable flower girl, Indie-Mae who stole the show as you can tell!

The defensive line on my left was composed of Andrew’s friends Ryan, Jacob, Dave, CJ and Tane. Sadly another of Andrew’s rugby-playing friends Steve wasn’t able to join them, and I thought it was a nice touch to give him a name check in his absence.

Their story began ten years ago over questionable cocktails in Gusto on George Street before moving on to the Opal Lounge where Andrew sealed the deal with his legendary dance moves!

It was tough for them when, just as Andrew was retiring from professional rugby due to injury, Katrina was setting off on her international dancing career. 

FaceTime became their friend, and reunions aboard cruise ships mitigated the pain of separation until, on Katrina’s last contract, Andrew flew over to Paris. He chose the Eiffel Tower as the place to get down on one knee, but not before Katrina’s less than appropriate choice of footwear saw her taking a tumble on the slippery cobbles!

The guests were a very International bunch: Andrew’s sister Jenni flew in from Australia to read a secret poem, and then I asked everyone to check under their seats and look for an envelope. 

There were six of them, all containing anonymised contributions that Katrina and Andrew had been sent by the guests themselves – another great idea for you to think about.

We then talked about the meaning of marriage and once again, I loved the thought they’d put into what they wanted me to say. ‘Today, marriage is a choice: it’s no longer an expectation and that makes it even more special to us.’

Katrina’s cousin Leanne read ‘a realistic wedding poem’ by Mrs. Moem, before Andrew and Katrina spoke their very personal vows directly to one another.  

They asked Jen and Ryan to give them the rings as they made their Legal Declaration, and there was a bit of a fumble as Ryan – normally the safest pair of hands on the pitch – dropped the ring! 

I think it’s safe to say, he’ll be teased about that for the rest of his life…

This is ‘The Year of the Byre’ and Pratis Barns is a former cow shed, which has all the atmosphere that comes with that history. These happy snaps are from my Instagram feed: the good ones are from the lovely Anna Urban

 it’s about half-way between Leven and Ceres, so if you’re looking for a real ‘country wedding’ feel, it’s definitely somewhere you should check out. 

I was so pleased to get this lovely message from the new Mr. and Mrs. Easson the other day.

Thank you for all of your guidance, professionalism, patience and warmth on the biggest day of our lives so far! 

One of our fondest moments of the lead up to the Wedding was the night you suggested we read our “homework” to one another, and hearing it all again during the ceremony being read by you was just amazing. 

Our guests loved the tone, the authenticity and how we had involved them in the ceremony.

The ring drop from our Best Man, Ryan was golden – a moment we won’t let him forget that’s for sure. 

The whole thing just went so fast, it’s so hard to believe it wasn’t a dream. 

We are so grateful to have had you marry us, thank you so much Tim. 

Warmest wishes, 
Katrina and Andrew

Thank you so much, K + A – it was a joy! 

You put so much thought and imagination into your script, and it really paid off on the day. Keep dancing and don’t lose touch! 

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