Joanna and Jonathan’s Humanist Wedding at Ednam House

The whole point of working with me is that you get to have “Your Wedding Your Way™”.

Joanna and Jonathan did precisely that in their really moving wedding at Ednam House in Kelso

Here’s my take on it from my Instagram feed…

They got their friends Dom and Nikki to tell their story: 

they kept their vows a secret, so they both heard them for the first time ever on the day, 

and they got their cute little page boy Conor to present them with the rings. Totes Emosh? Dead Amaze, babes!

Everybody loved the ceremony (especially me!)

Here’s what they told me when they sent me these great photos by Fern Photography

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. 

Everybody said how amazing the ceremony was and those who never knew much about humanist ceremonies mentioned how special, unique and relevant it all was. 

Although there were a few “hiccups” during the love story section, it added a bit of humour to the emotional service it was. 

You were just fantastic and we were so glad you were able to make the process of it all so easy. 

The homework made us really think about marriage in a different way and made us both realise that we were making the best decision. 

We appreciate everything you did for us and if we were to do it all again, we wouldn’t change a thing (maybe a dress rehearsal though, 😄)We have watched back the wedding video (by Kris Soul)so many times now and it never seems to get any less emotional.

Looking back, we definitely had the best day of our lives.  

Marriage has made us feel like  we are a stronger unit although our relationship is still as amazing as it always has been.We are now planning our honeymoon so we have another experience to look forward to. We just can’t wait to start a family and continue on this adventure. 

Marriage is a symbol of the love, strength, loyalty and friendship that we have and our wedding was the most perfect way to share that with all our friends and family.

Please find attached a few of our favourite pictures from the day. 
The last one was taken by my friend at the very end of the night when I decided to go for a little nap on the floor after having a bit too much to drink.. oops! 

It has been well received on Social Media with over 800 likes and more than 200 people saying ‘this is how they hope to end up on their wedding night 😜.’

Joanna – if you didn’t look so deliriously happy in all the other photos, I’d say you saved the best for last. It is brilliant isn’t it? Have a fabulous honeymoon, and don’t lose touch! Thanks again to Fern Photography and Kris Soul for their pics and video.

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