Lisa and Ray’s Humanist Wedding at Orocco Pier

 Like so many couples these day, Lisa and Ray were ‘reversing into marriage’ and they arrived at Orocco Pier with their ready-made family, their children, Ethan and Courtney. Courtney’s verdict was crucial when it came to choosing the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, while Ethan made sure the countdown sign was always up to date.

The first time Ray and Lisa met was at the Eyemouth Herring Queen when he was sitting on the pier with his mum, and his identical twin brother Jamie. Lisa couldn’t tell them apart, but because Ray was wearing the Rangers top, and Jamie was in the hoops, she went for Ray, which pleased me greatly, because there are few things I enjoy more than telling Rangers fans that they’re being married by a Tim…

Ethan was born 12 years ago and Courtney made their family complete three years later. They love  their family camping trips and caravan holidays: they recently climbed their first Munro!

It took quite a long time for Ray to pop the question. Being a sensible man, he proposed with a Haribo ring so that Lisa could choose the one she liked herself (note to prospective grooms, this is generally a smart idea!) and a year later, we all got together to celebrate on their big day.

Niece Amy and nephew Ashton both gave us readings, then we had a moment for quiet contemplation before Ethan joined us to present the rings to his mum and dad.

And then pretended he didn’t have them… which went down a storm.

Lisa sent me these photos by Carrie Roy the other day, saying ‘Thank you for conducting our wedding ceremony, we had an amazing day from the beginning to the end! We wish we could do it all over again and thank you for making us both feel at ease. All our guests commented on how lovely the ceremony was and how personal it was to us all.’

I’m so pleased to read that, Lisa: as I always say, ‘that’s because you wrote it!’ so congratulations are due to you for writing such a great script.

I wish you and Ray and Ethan and Courtney every happiness and I look forward to hearing from you when you do your next Munro!

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