Are you in any videos?

It’s a question I’m often asked, and I have to admit my usual answer is, ‘I have no idea’ because while couples often send me their wedding photos, they don’t often send me their videos. I wrote about Carley and Fraser’s wedding back in 2017, for instance and I’ve never seen their trailer until today.
Kirknewton Stables Wedding // Carley & Fraser from Worldly Nomads Films on Vimeo.

I’m not having a go at them, by the way, (or the lovely Barry of Worldly Nomad either). There are lots of good reasons for that.

Video editing is time consuming: not everyone wants the world to see the film of their wedding online, and even if they do, the only element that goes global is the trailer, which tends to be music led.

I’ve seen plenty of trailers where I’m visible on set but I don’t have a featured role. However, there are a few out there where I get to say a few words, and this is one of them: Claire and Ross’ gorgeous wedding at Carlowrie Castle, shot and edited by Gryffe Weddings.


You can see my post about Claire and Ross’s wedding here 

Another one, coincidentally at the fabulous Carlowrie, is this wee gem from Boda Productions. This is more typical in that Gary gets the first word, Serena makes her entrance at 01:45 and as you’ll see, they spoke their vows directly to one another, so I don’t get to say my lines until about two minutes in.

Serena + Gary // Carlowrie Castle from Boda Productions on Vimeo.

As you may know, if you’ve been following my blog, I encourage all my couples to speak their vows directly to one another, which is why I’m often a comparatively silent presence in these films, but I do that because having the freedom to speak of your love in your own words is perhaps the greatest of the many privileges that come with a humanist marriage.

If you really want to hear me speak, then get the popcorn and cuddle up in the back row, because this one’s got lots of chat: it’s an interview with Katie from the Scottish Wedding Directory (click here to watch it)

PS – If you come across any videos where I’ve got even a minor role, please let me know: I’d love to see them!

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