Destination Weddings

Despite all the uncertainty over the UK’s future, more and more couples are choosing Scotland as the place they want to tie the knot. 

Just two days ago, I conducted the wedding of Julie and Nicolas, a French couple who brought their families over to see them getting married on the shores of Loch Fyne, and very romantic it was too. This is ‘the wedding tree’ at their venue, Stonefield Castle, which is decorated with mooring buoys, one for every couple who’s been married there.

One couple who know all about ‘Destination Weddings’ are Christina and Jay of Elemental Photography. They love photographing their couples in wild and romantic destinations, and you can really see that in their work.

They recently launched their own online magazine, We Fell In Love, and their second issue is all about how to plan your perfect day from 10,000 miles away. 

It’s full of practical tips as well as inspirational photography

And even if you’re not flying in from the four corners of the earth, it’s well worth checking out.

I’m looking forward to conducting a wedding blessing later this year for an American couple who’ve produced their very own guest guide book to Scotland.

I wonder who told them about Irn Bru?

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