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I’m very pleased that my first book is about to hit the shelves, just in time for Valentine’s Day, so if you’re still searching for the perfect present, look no further!

There are lots of books about weddings out there: books on ‘the dress’, books on flowers, look books, books on best mens’ speeches and grooms’ speeches, but WE DO! is the first book to talk about what lies at the heart of your big day: the ceremony.

I’ve been a humanist celebrant since 2005, and in that time, I’ve conducted well over a thousand weddings. Each of them has been unique, because they were written by the couples themselves. 

Humanists campaigned for more than twenty years in Scotland to give people the freedom to say what they wanted in their own ceremonies, and it’s a great privilege, but it’s also quite a challenge. I share all my ideas with the couples who ask me to marry them, and indeed with anyone who takes the time to read my blog but WE DO! is where all my best ideas (and a few new ones) are gathered together in logical sequence.

I shared a sneak preview of the book with a few couples whose weddings I have yet to conduct, and I was delighted to get this email from Julie-Ann. She said,

Thank you very much for sending the link to your book. We very much enjoyed looking through it – so much so, that we have put our order in for a hard copy already. It is wonderfully informative, but so light hearted and easy to read. The design of the book is lovely and the images of weddings are absolutely stunning. We believe it covers everything you need to know about a humanist wedding, as well covering the things you didn’t think you needed to know. It illustrates how you can create your own ceremony in the way that you feel that would be most personal to you, and we cannot wait to go through the experience with our own wedding.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better review! I agree with Julie that the design is lovely: it was designed by the extraordinarily talented Jonathan Barnbrook, who (among other things) designed David Bowie’s last two albums, so I was really touched that he agreed to do this for me.

WE DO will hit the shelves just in time for Valentine’s Day, but you can pre-order a copy here

My profound thanks go to all the couples who allowed me to share their words and thoughts, and to the many photographers whose work is featured in WE DO!: this book wouldn’t exist without you, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

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